Friday, June 29, 2007

Found a new place...

Moving to Brentwood area next week. Yeah. Westside here I come.

I'll pick up my white Bronco on Monday.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recent tunes I heard I liked...

Trentemøller: Moan



Music and production by Leonid Rudenko Remixes by Christian Hoff, Mischa Daniels Wendel Kos, Jussi Pollet,

Lyrics and Vocals by Vicky Fee

Mischa Daniels Refunk Mix found On Album CD Pool Club April
Leonid Rudenko Feat. Vicky Fee

Hooray, the water is gone...

Finally fixed. Nuff said.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yep, more water...

Another bucket full ran into the A/C intake area. Fun. It appears now that we're leaking because our drain pipe is clogged, which everyone else ago feeds into. We had this problem many months ago, and it's back again. *Shrug*

No more water?

Well, my apartment complex service guy figures they have fixed the source of the water leak, and they ripped out our bad carpet today. Looks funny, but at least it's not wet !

Pigs on Parade

So, this actually occurred several weeks ago. While in Seattle, we ventured down to the Pike Place Market to find the following pigs on parade. This is a yearly occurance to raise money and celebrate the Market's centennial (this year).
Copyright 2007 ackster, All rights reserved

Monday, June 18, 2007

My first blog, hell must have frozen over...

I'm not a trend follower, but today I've finally done what I thought I might never do: create a blog. Why? Well, I just came back home from Tokyo today and, as anyone who has been to Japan can testify to, I did a lot of inner thinking due to the sheer lack of English use in the country and more importantly my lack of ability to speak Japanese short of "arigato". Due to the stated inner thinking most of the week, I relieved I needed some sort of outlet for these thoughts lest I become like the imbalanced homeless which inhabit Los Angeles around me (could it be possible they actually hear the rest of us speaking a foreign language? perplexing).

Anyway, and then I came home to be confront the ongoing issue of water leaking into my apartment. This led me to need to document this issue more thoroughly, if not for other potential residents. For now, I won't name this apartment building, at least until I leave at roughly the end of the month, but then its fair game. So, here's the story:

For a fair good time now (year +?) we have been having issues with random little wet spots at the entry-way of our apartment just inside the door. This became progressively worse a little over a month ago, so much so that we have remove everything from the floor in our hall closet, where the water is actually seeping from, via the apartment above. It seems their air conditioning unit is not draining properly and instead of going into the drain line, instead goes into our apartment. Great. We have called our property management many times about this, and while the service guy has looked at it many times, we still have a soaked carpet.... and now it stinks somewhat aweful. Mold must be having a hayday in the carpets there, and I'm sure the inner walls are now starting to form beautiful collections. For posterity, here's some pictures:

The above is the door entry. Now to the closet :

Notice in this picture, the carpet was pulled up by the maintenance guy. That was around 4 weeks ago now, and that carpet has been wet the entire time.

Today, I went up to the office (around 2:30pm PST) and briefly talked with the current office girl. She hurried me out saying she could contact me back. She currently was trying to show off an apartment to several groups of people, and obviously didn't want me airing my residence troubles around potential victims... er residents. It's 5:15pm PST now, and guess what, no call.

And of course, today is a rather warm day here, and all of these mold spores are just waiting for me to turn on MY air conditioner which sucks air right from where all the water is dripping into.

I have to empty this bucket 3 times a day if the neighbor has their A/C on. I'm so delighted.

And so the saga continues for another day. I'm glad I'm moving out of this place. Completely worthless management.