Sunday, February 24, 2008

New HT Receiver?

Integra DTR-8.8 THX Ultra2, 7.1-Channel 3-Zone Home Theater Receiver
USB, HQV Upconversion, XM & Sirius, HD Radio, Audyssey, 4/2 HDMI in/out, 3/2 Component I/O, 2 optical ???

Onkyo TX-NR905

Friday, February 22, 2008

New phone, and QVGA/VGA comparison on PPC

It's coming down to the Sony Ericsson X1 and the i-mate Ultimate 9502.

QVGA versus VGA

Battle of the Pocket Players (PPC)

Product Category: Media PlayersManufacturers: Conduits Technologies and Pocket MindWhere to Buy: Pocket Player ; Pocket Music (old version?) from MobiHand (affiliate)Price: Pocket Player = $19.95 USD; Pocket Music = Free (MP3 + Winamp only), $19.95 USD for Bundle, which includes WMA and other features.Specifications: Both run on Windows Mobile 5 or 6. Pocket Player requires approximately 3MB of memory, while Pocket Music needs 2.9MB.Pros (for Pocket Player):
Able to handle most music and video media formats;
Finger and gesture-friendly interface for listing and selection of items.Pros (for Pocket Music):
Supports the widest variety of audio formats, including audio books, streaming audio, and playlists;
Standard Winamp skins available for look and feel;
Finger-friendly interface with direct access to major features.Cons: (for Pocket Player)
Limited number of skins available;
Many controls on the player itself are not 'big finger friendly';
Creates playlists in your 'My Documents' folder automatically;
Some features are difficult to get at.Cons: (for Pocket Music)
Seems to lock out all externally-defined hardware button functions while it is running;
Default Winamp skin has very small controls;
Equalizer degrades overall sound performance.Summary:The field of media players for the Windows Mobile is (thankfully) a rather crowded one, with numerous applications available beyond the Windows Media Player provided with the operating system. Two of the more popular options – Conduits' Pocket Player and Pocket Mind's Pocket Music have recently released new versions, so now seemed a good time for a head-to-head comparison of their features and capabilities. Is one better than the other? As all good consultants say, “It depends...”Read on for the full review!

Fizz Traveller Upgraded To Version 3.0

"Your feature packed travel mate. Some of the best weather forecasts ever seen on a Microsoft mobile device can now be displayed on your Mobile Home Screen. Over 58,000 world locations, world times , world alarms, daylight maps, itinerary trip help, currency conversions, general conversions, new graphics, themes, new simple interface & home screen support - this product is your absolute essential everyday and travel tool."

Lots and lots of stuff here to help the weary and wary traveler - and it's even got theme support, so you can get the application to look just as you like it. Fizz Traveller 3 retails for $29.95 (affiliate link), and you can get another 15% off with the code SPECFT3 when purchasing direct from the developer. Registered owners of previous versions may be eligible for special upgrade pricing - check your account with Fizz Software.