Monday, May 17, 2010

Synergy+ , keyboard wouldn't work

Well, I bought a MacBook Pro, and except for the god aweful price, I love it so far. Now I have a work system running XP & Vista, and while I do have a KVM I knew about this software called Synergy+, an update of an older software called Synergy. Anyways, installed it, and the mouse worked across machines, but the keyboard just would not work *except* for the Apple key (whatever it's called)... after a quick bit of searching I found some people were installing SynergyKM or other software to fix this issue. This led me to wonder what really this extra software might be doing, and then I found the following in the Synergy+ code:

LOG((CLOG_ERR "Synergy server requires accessibility API enabled. Please check the option for \"Enable access for assistive devices\" in the Universal Access System Preferences panel. Unintentional key-replication will occur until this is fixed."));

Ah ha! I only have Accessibility turned on for my mouse. Turned on for Keyboard and everything works. It's great.

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